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Come. Meet. Enjoy.

We are a church that is Christ-centered, built on a foundation of faith, love, and community service.

St. Paul has had three (3) structural locations prior to moving to this present location.  The first location was the northern part of Middleton Street on the Comer lot.  The second location was on Middleton Street near the eastern section of the present Cleaves Hall.  The third location was the northeast corner of Lane College campus, on the corner of Lane Avenue and Middleton Street.  The third church home was destroyed by fire on February 18, 1923 and the fourth building was erected on the same site.  That structure still stands as part of Lane College campus, known as The Light House.  

At our present location at 282 Middleton Street, the members held their first worship service on November 5, 2006.  May we as members always be devoted to the apostolic faith and continue to serve as a haven for all who seek the Lord.   May it always be our prayer that this facility will be used to glorify God and to lift up our hearts to him in praise and Thanksgiving.  

Mission Statement

The mission of the St. Paul Christian Methodist Episcopal Church is to be a visible representation of Jesus Christ in the world or word as a congregation of faithful servants of God.  We are to share the Gospel through the preached word, administer the sacraments to the people of God, and to minister to the benevolent needs of the extended community that we serve. 

St Paul Cme Church in Jackson

St. Paul Christian Methodist Church was founded in 1870 as an outgrowth of the First Methodist Episcopal Church, South of Jackson, Tennessee.  St. Paul is an offspring of the Liberty C.M.E. Church, which is now called “Mother” Liberty C.M.E. Church.  It was established as a chartered religious institution in 1885 under the administration of Bishop Isaac Lane as presiding Bishop.  Bishop Lane had been instrumental in the establishing of a school in 1882 for the education of the newly emancipated African-Americans who had been slaves.  This school is now known as Lane College.