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St. Paul’s  Community Outreach Fall Mission Project  

 St. Paul’s mission project took place on a beautiful fall day.  The air stirred with a cool quiet breeze, the sun was at the right peaks to assist with drying the coats of paints applied to the wooden planks, however, most importantly were the labors, working in God’s vineyard.  Not only did members of the St. Paul family show up for this project, but also nine Lane College Students and a young man joined in, who lived in the neighborhood. These young people worked tirelessly, climbed ladders to paint the rafters and the trim near the rooftop. Their spirit and energy were exuberant as they worked side by side with St. Paul members.  

On Saturday September 27, 2014, Pastor Walter L. Brown, Jr. and members of the St. Paul CME Church family gathered at one our faithful nonagenarian members’ home, Mr. and Mrs. Cloyd Allen, to repaint their house.  This was indeed a labor of love as several men of the church led the pre-preparation work.  They got an early start on Friday and Saturday by scraping off old paint, removing and replacing damaged pieces of wooden boards, caulking large cracks in planks where needed, and spot cleaning dirt debris built up over the years.  

The labors had gathered early that Saturday morning and with all the hard work by noon they had worked up appetites.  Thus, the spirit of fellowship and love continued to permeate as the food committee arrived and prepared a buffet table lined with food items and beverages donated by local retailers.  The majority of the workers stopped for a break and enjoyed the delicious food of hot-honey barbecue chicken wings, assorted ham and turkey sandwiches, chips and desserts.  However several members were so focused on the project they worked through the lunch hour in anticipation of seeing the project completed.  Not only did St. Paul receive donations for food items, but also donations and discounts were given for paint and supplies from local retailers.  Some members also made personal donations toward the paint, supplies and cases of bottle water.  

The St. Paul family is grateful to God Almighty for allowing us to serve and be a part of the East Jackson Community for 128 years.   Pastor brown stated, “this Mission project was a way of showing our love and lend helping hands to one of our elderly couple and dedicated members, Mr. and Mrs. Cloyd Allen, they have been a part of the St. Paul Congregation for 62 years.”   He went on to say, the Allens have given so many years of their service, time and talents to help St. Paul grow and become the church it is today.”   Pastor Brown expressed his appreciation to the chairperson, Theresa Wilson, her entire committee, and all those who participated in St. Paul’s fall mission project.  We give God all the glory!  

Submitted by Velma J. Benson-Wilson Editor, The Epistle of Hope, St Paul’s Official Newsletter

Mission and outreach

  Mrs. Theresa Wilson is the mission program director.